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Root canal procedures are routine procedures that allow the natural tooth to be saved when the inside of your tooth becomes infected by bacteria. This often happens as a result of prolonged tooth decay or due to a dental injury. If you are experiencing sharp tooth pain or have suffered an injury to your mouth, call your dentist right away to have dental x-rays completed so that we can provide you with a root canal treatment promptly.

What Causes Root Infections?

Root infections in teeth are caused by decay in the tooth, gum disease, or trauma to the area. Once decay in the root is detected, it’s important to treat it right away. Prolonging the treatment of an infection can lead to severe pain and the tooth requiring extraction. Infection can also spread to the other teeth, or even to other areas of the mouth and body.

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The Root Canal Procedure – What to Expect

In a root canal procedure, our team of experienced dental professionals will use local anesthetics before working on the tooth to make sure you are comfortable. The next step involves drilling a tiny hole in the infected tooth, followed by cleaning and sterilizing the roots of the tooth using tools called root canal files. Once the infection has been cleared and the area is sterilized, the root canals will be filled and a filling or crown will be secured to restrengthen the remaining tooth structure. Root canals are a routine procedure for our professionals. You can trust the experience of our dentists here at 9th Line Dental for all your root canal needs.

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