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Dental appliances are often suggested by our dentists as an at-home solution for specific oral issues. We work closely with a local dental laboratory to create dental appliances custom-made to fit your needs and your mouth, providing you with complete comfort and protection. The two most requested dental appliances by our Mississauga patients are night guards and retainers.

Night Guards

Do you grind your teeth at night or suffer from a sore jaw in the morning? If so, then you might benefit from wearing a night guard while you sleep. Professionally made night guards issued from a dentist’s office are custom-made to fit your mouth for increased comfort compared to the over-the-counter versions available. They can protect against damage to the teeth, jaw, and face caused by nighttime teeth grinding. If you need a better night’s sleep, reach out for a consultation today.

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Retainers are the critical final step in the orthodontic journey to straighter teeth. Once your braces are removed, you want to ensure your newly straightened teeth stay aligned. This is easily achieved with a well-fitted, dentist-issued retainer. Our retainers are easy to care for, comfortable, and durable. Be sure to follow the directions given to you by our dental team for the duration of wear and cleaning to guarantee a long lifespan for your retainer and the best possible outcomes for your final stage of orthodontic treatment.

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